Saturday, October 30, 2010

The communist reflects!

The communist reflects!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Google Logos for Olympics 2008

I've been collecting Yahoo! and Google logos for a month now, and happily I wasn't able to miss one. I have been seeing the differences between these two search engines' logos, and the way they contribute to the special events that people are celebrating. However, not all of the events have both Yahoo! and Google logos, some have Yahoo!, and some have Google. Maybe because they are busy to make one, or they don't want any comparison.

Some of you would ask me: "Why spend time collecting these logos?". Well, for me, though they don't give me any profit, nor popularity, they give me excitement. Excitement on the logos that these search engine will be doing for the next event.

This year, Google has created three different logos for the 2008 Olympics, from the opening of the event, to the different types of sports event
s (cycling and weightlifting).

August 9, 2008, Saturday (Cycling)

August 10, 2008, Sunday (Weightlifting)
*Note: I am not owning these logos, I am just collecting them for no other reasons but only for enjoyment and hobby, and I am only sharing them to you.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Yahoo! vs Google 2008 Olympics

It's the start of the 2008 Olympics, and what does our high ranked search engines have to advertise such events?? Well, here are the Yahoo! and Google logos for this very much awaited event:

The Yahoo! logo comes in a flash format, entertaining and funny (the athletes who are running look really skinny), and the Google logo comes in a plain image format with images of cute little creatures.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Sunrise

After a few weeks of vacation, and days of no-blogging, finally I got to post a new topic on this art blog. This is a picture of the sunrise, on Tropicana Beach Resort and Hotel (Gen. Santos City). Together with my family and some friends, we went to the beach to spend a quiet time and enjoy the last remaining days of our summer break.
I took this picture and I was amazed by the scenery. This is one of the most unforgetable beach outting for me, since this is when I had witnessed my very first sunrise. Yes! It is so cool to watch, especialy when your family and friends are there.

Monday, May 12, 2008

David by Michaelangelo

Being an artist is a gift and at the same time a puzzle. Why a puzzle? Since most works of art have no literal meaning as for what it wants to relay or what does the artist wants to relay. Being an amateur artist, I find no meaning in the works that I have created, although some of them have a reason why I have created them. And speaking of meaning, what does the Daivd by Michaelangelo mean? Does it only portray David?

As I have searched through some websites in the Internet, the David portrays masculinity and of the art of a man's body. Well, you can see it for yourself. But does that mean that a man is beautiful when he is naked? Hmmm..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beach Site

Since this is an Art Blog, I'll post everything related to art, and one post i've been thinking to publish is one of the photos i've taken. The photo seen here is taken from London Beach, General Santos, Philippines. Our family took the opportunity to take a break and go to a beach, because I do not know how swim, I enjoyed my self taking pictures of the beach, as well as pictures of my family.

I have been practicing my skills in photography since I was in Grade School, however I wasn't able to join any photography club. So, I guess this serves as a glimpse on my skill on photography.. hope you like it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Avatar Maker

These avatars were made from an avatar maker, posted on one website. I made some of these avatars, and some are from my friend. I got the link to the website from a friend of mine, I actually got bored, and I tried the avatar maker.

The avatar maker is easy to use, although it does not have a lot of accessories or options to choose from. But the avatar you make is quite satisfying.

Click here to visit the site, and make your own avatar.